The Valor

Which are exclusive to Dynasty Spas. These jets are all connected by the AquaMax plumbing system, which provides maximum water flow through the use of extra large hoses and tubing. Sure-grip fittings ensure a secure bond between pipes and jets. Reverse Pull Neck Jets target neck and shoulders,

  • Number of jets: 21 Adj., Black & Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 60"x84"x30" Height
  • Water capacity: 225 Gallons
  • Seating capacity: 3 Adults
The digital topside control panels allow you to adjust every element of your spa without moving a relaxed muscle.
American Series Spas are equipped with super charged pumps that are designed for high flow and high power.
A Cascading waterfall provides the perfect touch to your relaxing surroundings.

Available in 110 V (upcharge may apply) 110 V cord included and built in GFCI.

Interior Features

  • 2 Cascading Waterfalls
  • 3 Padded Headrests
  • Non-skid Footwell and Steps
  • Carpaltunnel Jets

Exterior Features

  • Digital Topside Controls
  • Air and Waterfall Diverter Controls
  • Maintenance Free Skirting
  • Removable Equipment Side Panels
  • Drink Holders
  • Full, Wrap around ABS Bottom
  • Easydrain™ Hose Connection

System Features

  • One 110V 5.0bhp Pump
  • 50 ft² Filtration System
  • Corona Discharge Water Purification System
  • Icynene™ Foam Insulation
  • Oversized Plumbing System


  • 220V / 50A or 110V / 20A

Weight (appox.)

  • Dry 475 lbs.
  • Filled 2275 lbs.

Available Colors:
  • Bronze
  • Cameo
  • Caribbean Blue
  • Denim
  • Desert Horizon
  • Majestic Sky II
  • Mocha
  • Moonscape Pearl
  • Pearl Shadow
  • Satin
  • Sierra
  • Silk
  • Starry Night
  • Sterling Silver Marble
Available Skirting:
  • Bark Dynawood
  • Graphite Dynawood