The Renaissance 4000

Stay with The Renaissance 4000 Take your senses on a holiday. Relinquish your worries, stresses and tensions. Allow the water’s anti-gravit y action to render you weightless. Float to that space where all outside thoughts are washed away

  • Number of jets: 50 Stainless Steel, Illuminated Adjustable
  • Dimensions: 82"x82"x36"
  • Water capacity: 325 Gallons
  • Seating capacity: 6 Adults
The digital topside control panel allows you to adjust every element of your spa without moving a relaxed muscle.
Two 220 V 50 A, 1 & 2 Speed Pumps with a 7.0 bhp wetend, designed for high flow and high power.
A backlit, cascading waterfall provides the perfect touch to your relaxing surroundings.
LED lighting further enriches your soak. Neptune Series spas feature multi-colored illuminated jets.
A highly efficient and easy to use filtration system assures users of optimum hygiene.
Dynasty's filters contain antimicrobial fibers, which improve efficiency and reduce maintenance.

Available Colors:
  • Bronze
  • Cameo
  • Caribbean Blue
  • Denim
  • Desert Horizon
  • Majestic Sky II
  • Mocha
  • Moonscape Pearl
  • Pearl Shadow
  • Satin
  • Sierra
  • Silk
  • Starry Night
  • Sterling Silver Marble
Available Skirting:
  • Sierra Brown Stone
  • Canyon Gray Stone
  • Bark Dynawood
  • Graphite Dynawood
  • Cinnamon Dynawood