The Breckenridge

The Breckenridge is a very flexible spa. It easily seats five users, with one of those seats being a cool down seat. A waterfall, air and water controls, and 2 padded headrests provide the ultimate in luxury.

  • Number of jets: 23 Adjustable Black & Gray Jets
  • Dimensions: 81"x79"x36"
  • Water capacity: 375 Gallons
  • Seating capacity: 6 Adults
The digital topside control panel allows you to adjust every element of your spa without moving a relaxed muscle.
Sun Valley Series spas include multiple and single heavy duty, durable pumps that provide high flow and high power.
A cascading waterfall provides the perfect touch to your relaxing surroundings.
Two black padded headrest provides the perfect touch to your relaxing surroundings.
Dynasty's filters contain antimicrobial fibers, which improve efficiency and reduce maintenance.
Available Colors:
  • Cameo
  • Caribbean Blue
  • Denim
  • Desert Horizon
  • Mocha
  • Moonscape Pearl
  • Pearl Shadow
  • Satin
  • Sierra
  • Silk
  • Starry Night
  • Sterling Silver Marble
Available Skirting:
  • Bark Dynawood
  • Graphite Dynawood
  • Cinnamon Dynawood