The Aspen Vista Resort 12' x 12'


  • Inside Dimensions: 11'-4 1/2" (347) x 11'-4 1/2" (347)
  • Outside Dimenstions: 10'-10 3/4" (332cm) x 10'-10 3/4" (332cm)
  • Roof Line: 12'-4" (376cm) x 12'-4" (376cm)
  • Height: 9'-5 3/8" (288cm)

The Aspen is a wonderful entertaining gazebo.

The Aspen Gazebo can easily accomodate a large 8' square tub with room to spare because of the added bay feature which comes standard with the Aspen Package. There are two bar windows and complete bar assembly that is mounted to the outside of the gazebo. The Bar Kit includes two Stools.

  • High Density Polyethylene Black Roofing
  • One Bay Window option is standard
  • Benches can be added to the Bay Windows
  • Available in two colours - MOCHA-GREY
  • Locking Double French Doors
  • Tempered Glass Bi-Fold Windows
  • We invite you to watch the assembly of The Banff.