The Lake Louise Vista Resort 14' x 14'


  • Inside Dimensions: 13'-6 3/4" x 13'-6 3/4" (413cm) x (413cm)
  • Outside Dimenstions: 14'-0 1/2" x 14'-0 1/2" (428cm) x (428cm)
  • Roof Line: 15'-2" x 15'-2" (426cm) x (462cm)
  • Height: 9'-10 1/2" (301cm)

The Lake Louise gazebo is the largest spa enclosure in the standard Vista Resort line up.

This spa enclosure features Aluminum Bi-Fold Windows on each side and a set of locking French Doors. Place it over the top of your 8'x8' hot tub and still have plenty of room in the enclosure for furniture and storage. If you need a little more room, a Bay Window or a Bay Door can be added to three sides of the gazebo, adding 16" to all three walls. Add the Bay Bench to fit snugly in the bay window to store your outdoor products. A Screen Kit can only add to your outdoor enjoyment by keeping the bugs at bay. The bi-fold windows are tempered glass.

The Lake Louise spa enclosure also has a large skylight at the centre of the roof; nearly four times larger than our standard gazebo skylight.

For sales outside of North America, the skylight will be 42" x 42"

To summarise, this is a strong and sturdy gazebo to protect you from all the elements while still enjoying the outdoors in a relaxing and comfortable surroundings.

  • High Density Polyethylene Black Roofing
  • Locking Aluminum Tempered Glass French doors
  • Tempered Glass Bi-Fold Windows
  • Comes in two different colours - MOHA - GREY
  • Screen Kit available for each window and eave soffits.
  • Bay Windows or Bay Door options can be added to all sides.
  • Benches can be added to fit snugly in the bay windows.
  • Optional Metal Roof Upgrade in various colours (29ga colours only)
  • We invite you to watch the assembly of The Banff.

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